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Hughes Foundation

The vision of Hughes Foundation is to be a worldwide, inter-religious, holistic and God-centered organization that will be a global voice in stopping the spread of HIV through awareness and by offering hope and care to all who are affected by HIV/AIDS.

Hughes Foundation is Worldwide – We are located in various countries around the world and we will grow around the globe to meet people at their place of need in the AIDS crisis. Currently we office out of Minneapolis, Minnesota and have volunteer teams in Nagpur, India and Windhoek, Namibia.

Hughes Foundation is Inter-religious – HIV does not discriminate, nor does Hughes Foundation. We will work together amongst all religious and spiritual backgrounds to stop the spread of HIV and to promote the work of love towards people affected by HIV/AIDS.

Hughes Foundation is Holistic – Everything we do focuses on the holistic needs of a healthy body, mind and soul of every person infected and affected by HIV/AIDS.

Hughes Foundation is God-Centered – We are an organization that is centered upon Godly values such as unconditional love, grace, mercy, forgiveness, peace, integrity, compassion and service.

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